subscription boxes

Grow your home apothecary!

If you're looking to expand your herbal home apothecary, learn more about herbs and their medicinal & spiritual uses, and receive unique and limited edition products each month, then a subscription box is for you! 

Tea Lover's Box

When you subscribe to the Tea Lover box, you'll receive a unique loose leaf herbal tea blend each month.


Herbal Enthusiast Box

When you subscribe to the Herbal Enthusiast box, you'll receive a limited edition herbal creation, plus a loose leaf herbal tea blend each month. This box will include information on some of the herbs used, including medicinal and spiritual uses. 



Why should I subscribe to a box?

As herbalists, we acknowledge that we are always learning, growing, and excited to try new things. 
We often find ourselves experimenting and creating in our apothecary, trying out new tea blends and new herbal self-care products that we use with our own families. We want to extend an opportunity to YOU to try these limited edition, products for yourself, by becoming a patron of our herbal explorations. 
The herbal wellness box is a chance to try new products, learn about plants, improve your wellbeing, connect with the cycles of nature, and build your home apothecary while supporting local community herbalists.  We use only organic and/or locally harvested plants, and we make everything ourselves!

What can I expect with my membership?

The Tea Lover's Box will contain a handcrafted herbal loose leaf tea blend, along with a brief description of the tea, or the herbs used in the tea.

The Herbal Enthusiast Box will contain an herbal loose leaf tea blend, and a special herbal personal care product. This could be anything including a salve, oil, body butter, bath tea, oxymel, and more! You will also receive a brief description of the product and the herbs used to make it.

You can also expect an occasional bonus in your box!


What is the cost?

The Tea Lover's Box is $15, charged each month.

The Herbal Enthusiast Box is $30, charged each month. 

You can cancel your subscription at any time. 

When will I receive my herbal wellness box?

Boxes will be sent out in the middle of the month. Orders will be processed on the last day of each month. This means that if you subscribe on or after the 1st of the month, your first box will be delivered the following month. 

*Please visit our disclaimer page for more information regarding the use of herbs as nutritional and dietary supplements.