Channel the energy of your zodiac sign and live to your fullest potential. The sun, moon, and rising signs each give insights to the strengths and weaknesses of our personalities. Our zodiac blends are made with organic extra virigin olive oil, essential oils, and coordinated crystals meant to balance weaknesses and amplify strengths associated with each sign. Each roll-on is reiki infused and includes an affirmation you can use to inspire and motivate your inner guide.


Aries - bergamot, allspice, and lime essential oils & bloodstone chips

Taurus - sandalwood, benzoin, patchouli, and thyme essential oils & onyx chips

Gemini - lavender, lemongrass, and juniper essential oils & celestite chips

Cancer - rose absolute, sandalwood, and lemon essential oils & moonstone chips

Leo - juniper, orange, and cinnamon essential oils & carnelian chips

Virgo - cypress, lavender, juniper, and lemon essential oils & tree agate chips

Libra - sandalwood, rose absolute, and thyme essential oils & blue apatite chips

Scorpio - sandalwood, myrrh, basil, and ginger essential oils & labradorite chips

Sagittarius - frankincense, orange, ylang ylang, and vetiver essential oils & lapis lazuli chips

Capricorn - patchouli, cypress, cedarwood, vetiver, and cinnamon essential oils & garnet chips

Aquarius - cypress and cedarwood essential oils & hematite chips

Pisces - jasmine, lemon, and lime essential oils & aquamarine chips


Zodiac Essential Oil Roll-on

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