A blend of gentle and restorative herbs. Vaginal steaming is an ancient practice found all over the world.This time honored tradition is believed to aid in recovery postpartum by reducing inflammation, irritation and infection. It is also said to help reduce bloating, regulate hormones and reduce cramping. You can choose from three or fifteen individually wrapped steams. Not suitable for menopause. For more info on steaming, check out our blog post here.


Suggested use: Select 3 steams for monthly maintenance to use once a week except during moon cycle. 2 steams when trying to conceive, used once a week except during ovulation or moon cycle. Select 15 steams to use for a month postpartum. Each tea bag can be used twice.


Ingredients: Mugwort, lavender, nettle, lemon peel, astragalus.

Gentle Yoni Steam

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