Flower Essences are created to support the body in a holistic  way, focusing not just on the physical body, but on emotions, mind, and spirit. Each of our Flower Essences is paired with a crystal for added benefits. 


Lilac Blossom & Amethyst-  Lilac rejuvenates the soul, and connects the self with joy and life meaning. This powerful plant ally can aid in mending bonds, and encouraging trust with self or others. Magically, it is used for protection. 


Peony Blossom & Rose Quartz- Peony magnifies and attracts abundance and prosperity. It is useful for meditating, and calming the mind and heart, and helps open up to experience the fullness of life.


Apple Blossom & Tiger's Eye- Apple Blossom revitilizes the spirit, releases old patterns and welcomes self care. It balances thoughts and emotions, fosters trust, generosity, long lasting relationships and new beginnings. Associated with the energy of the New Moon. 

Flower Essences - .5oz dropper bottle