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What's in my diaper bag? Plus- *Little Unicorn Review*

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Ahhh, the quintessential "what's in my diaper bag" post. Yes, I have succumbed to doing this post just like dozens of other mama bloggers out there. But... WHY? Well, because it's fun! Also... over the last three years of having a child (and now two), I've learned helpful things I'd like to share with you.

1. There is no such thing as "the perfect diaper bag."

They pretty much are all missing something. What it is, depends on your style and needs. Sometimes there aren't enough pockets. Sometimes the bottle pockets aren't big enough. And sometimes you wish you could wear it like a backpack.

2. Even when they try to be stylish, it is still a diaper bag.

I've used, and I wish I was kidding, over 10 diaper bags. Sure, some of them weren't technically diaper bags, some were totes or backpacks because I wanted to avoid the diaper bag "look". But those never lasted. Because honestly, when you have a kid, you've pretty much lost your cool factor anyways. Just get the bag that is actually functional, you're not fooling anyone when you have a cute bag and spit up on your shirt.

3. The easiest way to pack a bag (diaper bag or not) is with pouches.

They don't even have to be diaper bag specific pouches, (though I do love the Jujube set pieces) you could just use old cosmetic pouches, snack pouches, wet bags, or whatever. This keeps your bag semi-organized, and you can easily just take out what you need.

After 3 years of going through diaper bags like a non-mom goes through purses... I *think* I've finally found diaper bag-peace with the Little Unicorn Satchel.

It's a sturdy canvas bag with vegan-leather trim, nice gold (or silver, depending on the color of the bag) hardware that zips easily, magnetic front pockets, side zip pockets that can double as bottle pockets, and plenty of inner pockets for storage. It has feet on the bottom so your bag isn't resting right on the floor and an adjustable messenger style strap.

It also comes with stroller straps and a changing pad!

I've been using this bag for about 3 weeks and I really like carrying it around. It's not too feminine, so I don't feel bad making my husband carry it. (He actually said this bag was his favorite of all the bags we've had too!) There's no gaudy pattern that I'll get tired of in a few weeks. It goes with my "mom clothes" AKA leggings, but it also doesn't look out of place on the off chance I decide to wear a cute skirt or dress. It's also not too heavy to carry when full, which is something I've noticed with other bags I've used in the past. So, what do I keep in my diaper bag? (I will provide links for the brands I currently use and love below!)

It's important to note that some things might be missing from my bag, like extra clothes for my older child, for example. I always keep a bag of stuff in my car, known as "the car bag". It always stays in there, stocked with tons of random stuff in it... Extra clothes, extra diapers, extra wet bag, another first aid kit, random toys and coloring books, etc. This is in case I'm out longer than expected, or someone has a potty accident... I'm usually not too far from my car anyway, and can go there for additional supplies.

So, there ya go! Check out my video below to see exactly how I pack everything up into my bag.


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