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Simple, Non-Toxic Bathroom Cleaner

Sometimes it's easy to get carried away when trying to switch to using natural products. Hair care, lotions, deodorants, dishwasher detergent... there's so many options and brands, and so many labels to read to check if the ingredients are truly natural. But when it comes to bathroom cleaning, I have some good news- there's a simple and easy toxin free solution, and I bet you have all the ingredients in your home already.

Now there are tons of DIY recipes out on the internet for homemade cleaners, but honestly, when it comes to cleaning supplies, my favorite doesn't actually require a recipe. There's no mixing or infusing, it's just two simple ingredients:

  1. Baking Soda

  2. Hydrogen Peroxide

Yup, that's it. This is SO SIMPLE.

Simple non-toxic cleaning

Now you might be thinking,"But what about the germs?! Will this really disinfect my bathroom??" And the answer is, YES! According to the CDC's disinfection guidelines, "Commercially available 3% hydrogen peroxide is a stable and effective disinfectant when used on inanimate surfaces." That's right- the hydrogen peroxide that you can get at literally any grocery store is effective at disinfecting surfaces. Any time a stomach virus or other yucky germs come into my home, I start spraying everything with hydrogen peroxide!

So how do I use it to clean my bathroom?

The most important thing to remember is... take your time! When spraying down my toilet, sink, handles and doorknobs, it's important to WAIT. Let it remain on the item you're trying to disinfect/clean for at least 5 minutes before wiping it down.

For the inside of the toilet, I sprinkle the baking soda in, spray the hydrogen peroxide on top (it makes a very satisfying fizzing sound) and wait a few minutes while I clean up the rest of the bathroom. Scrub it down with a toilet brush, and you're all set! I use this same combo for my shower and tub.

A few more tips- Make sure to store hydrogen peroxide in a dark bottle as exposure to light isn't good for efficacy. Also, I like to purchase the spray bottle type so it's easier to us.

That's it! My super simple, readily available, bathroom cleaner.

*One extra note- while I'm a big fan of using hydrogen peroxide to clean inanimate surfaces, I do NOT use within a first aid kit as it is very harsh on skin.

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