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Postpartum Prep: Nursing Basket

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Preparing ahead of time for the postpartum period is essential for as smooth a transition as possible. You can never predict how you'll feel after you have a baby, how quickly you'll recover, or how fussy your baby will be. The more things you can do ahead of time, the less stressed you'll be in the moment. Things like making freezer meals, packing your hospital bag, or doing baby laundry are among many of the things you can get ready before baby arrives. Another, is to have a nursing basket set up and ready to go.

A nursing basket is an incredibly useful tool to have, because the first few weeks after your baby is born, it can feel like that's ALL you two are doing. Having a basket filled with essentials that you can move around the house with you- from the bed, to the rocking chair, to the couch- will help keep things that you might need right by your side and easy to access. That way, when you're "stuck" under a nursing, sleepy baby, you won't have to "wake the bear" by moving around and searching for things. Here's a list of some things you might consider keeping in your nursing basket:

This list is of course, not inclusive. You can add or remove anything you think will be helpful to you during your nursing sessions. Did you have a nursing basket? What were your essentials for nursing a newborn?

To see what I kept in my postpartum nursing basket, check out the video below!


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