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Homemade baby wipes

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Making your own baby wipes is easy and cost effective, plus it's eco-friendly too!

If you're already using cloth diapers, adding cloth wipes is the perfect next step to your routine. I used disposable wipes for about a week with my first before I realized not only how wasteful it was, but also how annoying it was that I had to find a different receptacle to put used disposable wipes. Once I started using cloth wipes, I could put diapers and wipes together in a wet bag and right into the wash.

You can make your own wipes out of old receiving blankets, old tshirt, etc. But I especially love these from CreeksideKid on Etsy. They're double layered wipes, making them nice, thick, and strong.

As far as a wipes solution, you could use just water, but I like adding a little extra something to use on my baby's bum. Chamomile is a gentle herb to use on the skin, and the addition of soap and oil helps clean well, while still moisturizing. Store it in a peri bottle for ease of use. I've tried pre-wetting the wipes (that was a waste of time), keeping it in a spray bottle (which sprayed a mist on more than just the wipes), but by far the easiest was storing it in a peri bottle. These fit nicely in a diaper bag too.

Bring water to a boil. Add chamomile tea and let steep until water has cooled to about room temp. Remove herbs/tea bags. Add soap and baby oil. Stir to blend. Add solution to peri bottles and store any remaining solution in a mason jar. *This amount usually lasts me about 2 weeks. If you want to make a bigger batch that lasts longer, I would recommend adding a drop of vitamin E oil as a preservative just in case. 4 c water.

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