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Farberware Coffee Percolator: Review

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

It's no secret that moms and coffee go together like dads and plaid.

Nearly every morning, Little Bear (my 3 year old) likes to cheerfully announce, "The sun is up! Time to wake up!". It's so adorably cute that it's hard to be annoyed at the reality that it's only 5:30am. I'm not a morning person. I still feel as though I could sleep until 10am; like I did before I had kids. It's because of this, that I NEED coffee.

When you have kids, it feels so much easier to just go to the Starbucks drive-thru and have someone else make a warm and tasty beverage. However, not only is this habit an expensive one, but it's about as far from eco-friendly and organic as can be. In my attempt to start making more coffee at home, and save money and the planet, I decided I needed a new coffee maker. The problem is, I'm picky. It wasn't going to be easy to find a solution that worked for me. Personal requirements for coffee maker:

  • Must be quick and easy to use.

  • Must be easy to clean.

  • Must not have plastic or aluminum parts touching the coffee.

  • Must not have to buy any additional "things" except coffee (ie. no paper filters)

  • Must make at least 8 cups of coffee.

  • Bonus: Keeps coffee warm.

With those above requirements, I ruled out traditional drip coffee makers (too much plastic), french press (not enough coffee, pain to clean coffee grinds out of mesh), pour over (ain't no mama got time for that!).

What I was left with was an old-school percolator. I say old-school because this coffee maker conjures up memories of the my grandma making coffee to serve with dessert when we would have big holiday dinners.

After some research, I went with the Farberware 12-cup Percolator. Luckily, this brand fulfilled ALL of my requirements!


  • Easy to use.

  • Easy to clean.

  • NO plastic or aluminum touching the coffee!

  • Makes 12 cups of coffee, but can also make less- just use less water.

  • Keeps coffee warm after brewing.


  • Electric plug-in (not suitable for off-grid use).​​

I love my new coffee maker. I've been using it daily, and so far, so good! Recently I made a batch of pumpkin spice creamer to go with it, and it turned out great and makes my coffee just a tad bit fancier.

Do you have a favorite method of brewing coffee? Share in the comments!

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