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DIY Lotion Bars

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Next up in our series of homemade gifts are lotion bars! These require a little more planning and some additional supplies, but are simple to make and beautiful too!

*Please note: these measurements are best done by weight. A kitchen scale is a very helpful tool to have and often inexpensive. However, I have included standard measurements if you do not have a scale on hand.

Directions: Bring 2 inches of water to boil in double boiler. Melt beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter together in the smaller bowl above the pot with the water, stirring occasionally. Once everything is melted together, stir 1-2 minutes. Add 70-80 drops of essential oils to the Lotion mixture and stir to combine. Pour the mixture into the molds and let harden and cool for 1 hour, or put in fridge to cool faster. If you want to make more than one scent lotion bar, you can add the essential oils directly to the molds after you pour in the mixture by adding 5-10 drops per mold.

Put the lotion bars in a cute bag, and you're all set!

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