moon circle

*When women gather, magic happens*

*This month's moon circle will be held in-person*

What is a women’s circle?

The tradition of women gathering under a new moon has been happening for thousands of years. It is a place to connect with yourself, and others. It is where we can come to be witnessed on our journey. In the circle, we create a space of support and growth, tuning into ourselves and our spiritual needs, while in turn, helping other women find that safe place to do the same. We are healed, we are nurtured, we feel comforted, and understood. Come with an open heart.  

Each circle is unique, but will generally include grounding, meditation, journaling, yoga, conversation, and sharing. This circle is meant to be shared in full, so please plan to stay the entire 3 hours, and if you cannot commit to this time frame, consider joining a future circle. Also, please be respectful of everyone’s schedule by arriving on time.


Can I bring my children?

Babies in arms/young nurslings are ok, but we do suggest trying to attend on your own. This is a wonderful gift to yourself as a self-care practice. Please be mindful of others if you do bring your baby, by excusing yourself if your child needs you to be present with them.

Who can come?

Our circle is open to women

I am not a mother, is this circle for me?

Yes! This circle is meant to be shared with women of all ages and from all walks of life. We have had teenagers, college students, mothers, and grandmothers participate. Each has come away from the circle feeling restored, fulfilled, and connected. 

I am Christian/Jewish/Muslim/Pagan/Buddhist/etc., is this circle for me?

Yes! This is not a religious group, nor do we discuss religion at our circle. It doesn't matter what your religious or cultural background is, participating in this circle is meant to provide a space for you to connect to your inner soul, or your higher self. It is meant to help you find connection to the earth and all other humans who inhabit it.

I have never practiced yoga before, can I still come?

Yes! The yoga sequence is meant to be accessible to all levels and experiences. Each pose can be modified based on experience and flexibility. 

What do I wear?

Wear something comfortable that allows you to move freely. 

What do I bring?

We will be sitting on the ground, so consider bringing a yoga mat and/or bolster/pillow to make yourself comfortable. Please also bring a journal and something to write with. We recommend getting a special journal for the circle if you decide to come regularly.


What is the cost?

We kindly request $30 per person. Each participant will receive a small gift at the end of our circle. We understand financial hardships may make this price unreasonable for some, and we do not wish to turn anyone away from our women’s circle simply because they cannot afford it. Please click here if you would like to attend, but are unable to manage the cost.

Next Moon Circle:

Friday, February 12



Please click here if you would like to attend, but are unable to manage the cost.

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There is something so powerful when womxn come together to support each other on their journey.

We are healed, we are nurtured, we feel comforted and understood.