Are you looking to integrate eco-friendly living into your home?

Are you expecting a child and wish to learn a more natural approach to parenting? 

We offer a variety of consultations to suit your needs, wherever you are on your journey.

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Green Living

for your kitchen or bathroom. Making the switch to environmentally friendly and non toxic cleaning products can be a confusing process. We will work with you to identify the products, processes, and information needed to achieve your green goals at home.

Baby Registry

for the mindful parent. For new parents, there is so much to consider and too many options to choose from, when preparing for baby and creating a registry. Let us do take out the guesswork for you. We will work with you to custom-create a registry that is perfect for you and your newly budding family. We’ll discuss which essentials to include, what can be left out, and suggest eco-friendly options along the way. One more thing checked off your pregnancy to-do list!


for beginners. Babywearing is beneficial to both parents and infants in so many ways. At its most basic, it keeps your baby close and your hands free! With many different styles of carriers to choose from, and then figuring out how to use each one, it can feel overwhelming to get started. With our large carrier library, we can help you select the right carrier for your needs, and show you how to properly use it.

Cloth Diapering

for newbies. We are here to help wherever you’re at in your cloth diaper journey! For new moms or new to cloth diapering we will discuss what you need to get started, types of cloth diapers available, and how to figure out a custom wash routine