Hazel & Thyme Sisterhood Circle

an online community


We started Hazel & Thyme with women in mind, and with the intention that we wanted to create a community of like-minded women, and provide access to information and support to others who were working toward a holistic lifestyle. 


Over the years, it has become clear to us that many are seeking a sense of community and desire to connect with other like-minded women. Women are the backbones of their families, and of the community. We do so much behind the scenes work, and lately this work is becoming more and more obvious. Finding a space to join with others, ask questions, and learn from each other has never been more important.


We realized that while we deeply desired this community to be comprised of local women, there were others outside of the Iowa City area who also needed to know that they were not alone in their desires to grow, learn, and explore. So, we decided to create an online community, a “sisterhood” of like-minded women.

Alternative Lifestyle

This virtual community is a place to connect on topics like natural living, exploring spirituality, herbalism, astrology, intuitive birth and parenting, sustainable and eco-friendly living, and so much more. 


When you join this virtual community, you will also have access to our exclusive “Herbal Enthusiasts” circle (within the larger sisterhood group), where we go more in depth to explore using herbs in everyday life, talk about their spiritual and medicinal uses, and share special recipes. This is a great opportunity for those that wish to gain more knowledge about herbs, but don’t necessarily want to subscribe to our physical subscription boxes.


We know that there are plenty of “groups” on other big social networking sites that may fit this category, but we believe that creating a membership-based community is necessary for encouraging those who are fully interested and committed to building connections and participating whole-heartedly to be present and active. We also know that these other social networking sites are beginning to censor natural and holistic living topics and information. We understand the importance of being open-minded in regards to “alternative" living and know that this intuitive knowledge is essential for our humanity. 


Donation Based Membership

We also know that at this unique time, finances can be an obstacle, and we don’t want to discourage anyone from joining who fully wants to participate in this community. That’s why we’ve decided to make the membership gift-based. If we want to build a true community, we need to recognize that every member contributes what they can, how they can, and to the best of their abilities.


In order to join the virtual sisterhood, we require all potential members to go through an application process so we know that you are a good fit for the community, as well as to protect the members of our community from spam/trolls. After you are accepted, you will be asked for your membership donation. This price is completely up to you. Understand that we, as the hosts of this community, will be sharing our vast knowledge of information and sharing ideas, recipes, and natural living ideas; and that others in the community will be sharing from their vast knowledge of information. Before joining, consider what the value of this is to you. Consider that you will be in a safe, and judgement-free space where you can express yourself, ask questions, and share your ideas with others who understand the journey you are on, and are coming to the space with an open-mind. 


We hope you will join our sisterhood circle, and help us build this community together. If you have any questions, please reach out to us and we will be happy to chat!