birth class

Intuitive Birth Class

A birth class for mind, body, and soul.

This unique class combines education and information on birth, with inner-work and self exploration that is necessary for the transition into parenthood. 

Each class session will meet in person, every Sunday for four weeks. 

Each class is approximately 2.5 hours.

The first half of the class is dedicated to learning about how birth works, discussing the many choices and decisions to be made regarding labor and newborn care, various comfort and relaxation techniques,

and a brief overview of postpartum and breastfeeding.

The second half of each class is comprised of a "connection circle" which is spent coming together in a non-judgmental space, talking about the emotional preparation for birth and parenthood, learning various mindfulness techniques for birth, and consciously connecting with self, baby, and partner. 

The intention of this class is to empower each person to tap into their intuition,

and take an active role in preparing for an autonomous birth. 

*At this time, each class will be limited to 4 couples.

The next Intuitive Birth Class is July 5-July 26

Classes will be held each Sunday afternoon from 1-3:30pm.

About the educator:

Jasia is a home birthing mother of two. She took her first doula training in 2013, and has been attending births ever since. She has taken a number of continuing education classes, and created this birth class from a variety of techniques and trainings.